…On the Jersey Shore where it all began 


{a love story to self} Class will always begin with a seated meditation to arrive together in gratitude and to acknowledge the wonders of our mind and the magnificence of our bodies. Breath will ignite connection and invite observation through movement as the art of attention. I am insistent that we will use our Asana {posture} practice as an invitation to exist in this world with more love starting with ourselves.  When we let the practice guide us to make the changes within we can be a part of the healing of this nation.                                                        All levels are welcome, modify where needed and advance as it feels most fitting}.

THURSDAYS 9:30 – 10:45a

SATURDAYS 9:30 – 10:45a // 11 – 12p

RESTORE.RESET.REFRESH. Quiet your mind and observe the abundant space between.  My wish is that we cultivate inner peace so we can spread world peace.

THURSDAYS 4:30 – 5:30p


Welcome Letter

Dear I,
Thank you for showing me the direct path to heart. Thank you for putting up barricades to help me reroute and be patient.  I am growing each day I am with you.

Thank you for teaching me about alignment so that I can offer advice and love while others refine their knowing.  This is what keeps the pulse, the rhythm, the beat, the music organic, raw, passionate and precisely auspicious.
Thank you for my voice and the ability to say I’m sorry.

I love you.
I am here for you.
I am grateful for the many wandering thoughts as this too, assists my attention to focus inward, to be present.  It’s you that reminds me to be here now.  Please continue to walk with me.   Please know that I admire and love you dearly.
I honor the way you move.  It’s sexy, intentional, mysterious and inviting.
I acknowledge how valuable it is to everyone around me to stand up tall, to open my heart space.
I allow in what serves me and practice reflecting ever so gently what does not.  I encourage the sweetness.
It’s within this stunning space that I have the capacity to see the light in others as they are mir images of the lessons I yearn to learn.
Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for sending me brilliant women, collaborators and fearless warriors.  It is now that I feel called to share the essence of feminine.
I pray that I continue to gravitate towards wise ones, kind and fierce, as I envision myself to be.
Thank you for the knowing.

I look forward to meeting spiritual healers, gurus, wise leaders, activists for peace. Those I have yet to meet in my dreams, in meditation, on my mat, in the trees and in body.  Thanks for both opening and closing the door ever so gently.  I am glad that I can see this genuine desire and thirst for more.
I am grateful “the more” entails beyond the knowing.  It is my privilege and longing to teach others, to give and to hold space to make their dreams come true.  This I am, this I expand, this is the abundance, the success and the love story.
Let this practice continue to bring great joy so that I move beyond the physical and deep into the heart space knowing that peeling back the layers is where the answers lie in awe.

I love you.